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Updated Feb 1st 2023

To place an order or inquiry cut and paste an items description in an Email to with a text message of what your engine application data may be. Include your zip code so I can calculate shipping costs. Shipping is typically by UPS ground (or Truck if over about 100 lbs). I'll E mail you back an order confirmation and shipping fee total. Digital photos are available on request for most items. If the quote is acceptable, E mail me a second time telling me how your going to pay for your purchase. I accept money orders, cashiers checks, or PayPal transfers. If you want to use a credit card I accept them through PayPal only. If you want to use PayPal click on the button below and fill out the form as directed. When your funds arrive I'll ship your parts, generally the same day or the next, and Email you a confirmation and tracking number.


1 Chev. 462624 Head. 1.94 X 1.50 Date code H-14-8 Rebuilt w/ new iron guides and hard seats as needed, Mixed new and used valves (some oversize stems) All new springs. Serdi valve job and decks milled. $250.00 exchange w/ similar non-cracked cores.

1 pr 24507487 Chev / Olds / S-10  heads. for VIN codes J-M-E. 3.1 & 3.4 liter V-6 applications 1996 to 2005. Used take offs from rebuilt engine that was run 1500 miles before vehicle was wrecked. Nice shape includes exhaust manifolds, some sensors and brackets. Outright, as is, no core or exhange needed. $300.00 best offer.

1 pr Chev. 3782461 Heads. Date codes B-23-5 / L-30-5. 2.02 X 1.60 (1965 Corvette RPO L76 365 HP) New thin wall bronze guides. Pinned rocker studs. 5 angle Myra valve job. Relieved and equalized 63 cc combustion chambers. Minor Pocket porting and bowl blending. Intake port matched to Fel-Pro #90238. New LT1 springs @ 110 lb. on seat. Mixed new/ used valves. $600.00 outright or $450.00 exchange for same #, similar codes, non-cracked cores.

1 pr Chev. 3991492 Heads 2.02 X 1.60 64 cc (Corvette) New thin wall bronze guides, Hard seats, Manley stainless steel valves, LT1 springs. Pocket ported/ bowl blended, relieved combustion chambers. Gasket matched to Fel-Pro # 90238. Screw in studs and guide plates. Air flow data available. $700.00 outright or $500.00 exchange for same #, non cracked cores. Ideal for 400 cid small block w/ dish pistons.

1 pr Chev. 3884520 Heads. Date codes H-4-6 / H-19-6. Clean / Bare / Magnafluxed / Stock. 60cc chambers? Good for high compression w/ flat top piston rules engines. (283 or 327 cid Chev application or Studebaker) 

1 single Chev. 3782461 Head. Date code G-28-5. New Manley 1.94 X 1.50 valves. ( 1965 Chevrolet 327 cid double hump). New iron guides. New hard seats. New LT-1 springs @ 110 lb. on seat @ 1.650 height. New seats blended to stock bowls. Stock seals & press in studs. Serdi valve job w/ # SC605 HP and SC006 cutters. Surfaced .006. Ready to install. $300.00 outright.

1 single Chev 3890462 Head. Date code B-22-7. 2.02 X 1.60. De-greased; semi-clean. New false iron guides. Needs seats. (Three cracks in seat area that could be pinned when rebuilt)

1 Chev. 355 cid short track engine assembly. fresh 3970010 four bolt block code C 18 3 @ + .030 torque plate bored/honed, line honed, hard block in water jacket. Wet sump/claimer pan. new Flat tappet cam. 12.4 to 1 compression w/ modified, used, TRW L2252FA pistons. fresh Cast -.010/.010 crankshaft, pink rods. fresh 3927186 Heads 2.02 X 1.60 64 cc (LT1 Corvette) codes F 23 0 LH and E12 0 RH. New thin wall bronze guides; OEM seats. Used GM valves. new Screw in studs and guide plates. Relieved chambers and hand pocket ported. Gasket matched ports. radius spring pockets w/ new special taper wound springs / used aluminum retainers. stock rockers. Surfaced and cc matched, Air flow data and computer modeling data sheets available.$3000.00 outright or $2700 exchange w/ non-cracked same # cores. Ideal for IMCA modified or very serious street stock dirt track car. Some accessories available.

1 Chev 350 cid engine block 3970010 four bolt mains. B -28-8 code Slightly used @+ .030. Clean, bare, Magnafluxed OK. Will hone to forged piston clearance quite nicely.  Has new cam bearings. $300.00

1 Chev 350 cid engine short block assembly 3970010 block Four bolt mains G-18-8 code Was running core w/pan and T-cover  $300.00.

1 Chev 350 cid engine block 3970010 1974 Corvette. Bare, 2 bolt, STD bore, with bare non cracked head castings $500.00.

1 Chev 350 cid engine block 3970010 unknown model and year. Dirty, Bare, STD bore?  $200.00 

1 Chev 350 cid forged crankshaft (1182 ) Magnafluxed OK. Stroke equalized @ 3.480, throws indexed, very nice fillets and chamfers. -.010 / .010 journals $600.00 outright or $400.00 exchange w/ std. non-cracked core.

1 Chev 265 cid engine block 3720991 from 1956 Corvette. Date code "D 56" (April 1956). No side mounts. Has oil filter provision. Hot tanked, acid dipped and de-scaled,  magniflux inspection is OK in mains and decks, then jet washed again to neutralize chemical actions. Square decked and compression height set at 9.010 +/- .001 anywhere to anywhere with BHJ Blok-Tru fixtures. Bored over size and block geometry corrected at +.030 from STD with BHJ torque plates and plateau honed for moly rings to final bore size of 3.780. A slight wear shadow remains in two cylinders of absolutely no consequence at the upper limit of the ring travel. It is less than a ring thickness wide, and not measurably deep. It could be honed out, if desired, for cosmetic improvement and still be within factory "new limits" for bore geometry and size. Both decks are hand lapped to remove broach marks and create OEM finish in preparation  for new ID stamping.. Old VIN code is totally gone. All threads have been checked and re-tapped and are OK. The lifter bores were clean up honed and are in great shape. The block was jet washed and hand cleaned for a third time before new STD cam bearing are installed and a "known straight" cam installed, then removed, to qualify the cam bore straightness and fit. Then the block was pressure washed a fourth time before crankshaft assembly and detailing. The correct forged crankshaft is fitted to new +.010 main bearings and an OEM style rope seal is installed. This crank had no prior damage or repairs and has been cleaned, magniflux inspected, then ground -.010 on rods and mains, stoke indexed to 3.000 (OEM for 265 cid) and micro polished. The oil passages have been radiused and de-burred.Galley and core plugs have been reinstalled. The oil filter bypass valve has been cleaned, tested, and reinstalled. The steel oil filter can has been cleaned, checked for proper function of the spring, painted black, and installed with a new filter. This canister has absolutely no rust damage inside or out. The block is painted OEM moly orange. Included with this block is the (I believe) correct square tab timing pointer style cover with a new GM front seal, and pan head screw set. The valley breather can has been cleaned and reinstalled. Also included is the OEM floating pickup oil pump as a core and conversation piece. It might be possible to rebuild this oil pump but it is dirty, worn, and offered "as is". Included are 2 generic small journal rod sets. One rod set is re-sized honed and  reconditioned with ARP wave lock bolts including re-machining the bolt head seat radius area, re-machining the parting surfaces, deburring generally, and the beams are lightened and polished, then match weight balanced (big and little ends +/- 1 gram) to form a matched set. The other set is "as removed" with stock bolts and has not been rebalanced. Neither set had any history of damage or spun bearing surfaces. This block will make a great traditional restoration foundation for a Chevrolet or Corvette project. It has no known defects or drawbacks, but is sold strictly "as is" without a warranty of any kind.  Call or email for additional information or photos. I will cooperate with truck shipping arranged by the buyer at the buyers expense. Or come and pick it up at my shop. Generally I mount blocks and engines on "one way" pallets for shipping then build a crate around the block and parts after wrapping them in plastic. The fee for this service is $75.00. added to the sale price. Or customers supply their own shipping containers. International shipping generally requires fumigation of wooden pallets and crates at an extra cost.done by the freight company. I don't mind delivering to LOCAL freight terminals, if that arrangement turns out to be best for the general arrangements, but I might need a day or two extra to work that into my usual delivery route/schedule. Local is within a few miles of the 94041 or 95054  USA zip code areas. The blocks history, as I understand it, was of being removed as a running engine to install a larger engine in the former shop owners Corvette. It was stored for many years then the heads and upper engine accessories were sold, and it was eventually taken completely apart in the late 70's. The remainder was stored in pieces until I bought the shop and inventory in the mid 80's. It has been offered for sale as a core a few times in various venues, but stayed in storage until I got it out last year and, over time, machined it so I could begin presenting it for sale as a "ready-to-use" piece. $3500. for everything. Email or call for photos. 

2 Chev SB. intake manifolds. 4 bbl. / Q-jet, well choke, no EGR not compatible w/HEI. $60.00 (good for limited class, street- stock racer.)

2 Chev BB intake manifolds #3855287 4 bbl / AFB ? hot pad choke, no EGR, OK w/ HEI make offer

Two tach drive Corvette distributors. One for a 1972 LS-5 454cid Corvette, calibration number 1112051 but without it's ID band. The second unit is for a 1969 350/350 Corvette, calibration number 1111493 with it's OEM band. Both were fully rebuilt to "as new" condition with GM NOS parts and functional within ±1 degree of book spec timing figures  at the advertised RPM ranges about 10 years ago. They were never used and went into storage in the GM boxes taken from new distributors I bought back then for the customers cars these were removed from. They appear to be in the same condition now as when packed and include new caps, rotors, points, and leads in addition to new main shafts, cross shafts and many other small parts. They are ready to install. I want $550.00 for the 454 un-branded distributor and $800.00 for the banded unit.

1 Q-jet carburetor #7043202 FS  rebuilt with new float, pull off, filter, and GM small parts kit. Nice overall condition. No broken castings or damaged linkage. Throttle shafts are great. Main wells epoxy sealed. Primary jets drilled .004 oversize for modern fuel and emulsion tubes adjusted to suit. Hot run tested and checked June 2011. Drained, bagged and tagged on that date. Original application:  1973 Chevrolet  all models and GMC truck. Automatic transmission. Will fit manual transmissions with included stud for throttle arm.. $350. outright. No core required.

1 Edelbrock SBC Performer manifold  used, clean, best offer.


1 Ford 460 short block assembly. LSG875 Industrial or Marine application. Casting D9TE-AB Very cherry core for building. From low hour Ford warranty (valve noise). Make offer, will build to your application.

1 Ford 460 engine assembly. Mid 80's light truck. In pieces, clean & Magnafluxed; will build to suit application. Block bored +.030. Crank reground @ .010 / .010. Make offer.

1 Ford 460 Head Assembly E6TE-DA Industrial; small valve, hard ex. seats for unleaded or propane fuel. Fresh valve job and ready to install.  $500.00 outright. 

2 Ford 460 JE-8425-AA intake manifolds. (460 cid 4 BBL iron cobra jet. style.)  $225.00 era.

1 Ford 2.3 liter head. E97E-BA 1991-93 MFI / OHC / Roller Cam / Twin spark plug. ( stock ) 9.5 to 1 compression Serdi valve job. Good valves and springs. Complete with cam and followers. Assembled ready to install. $350.00 outright.

1 Ford 2.3 liter head. RF-F5J4-6090-BA Roller Cam style, industrial small valve spring set up, twin spark plug. Complete w/ cam & pulley.

1 Ford D5AE-A2A Head. (1975 400M cid ) New hard seats, new false iron guides. New valve springs. Mixed new/ used valves. Select fitted and shimmed to 90 lb. on seat. Surfaced and ready to install. $200.00 exchange w/ non cracked core.

1 pr. Ford C8AE-H Heads. (390 cid style; 3 bolt exhaust flange) 69 cc chambers. New hard seats and false iron guides. New valve springs set @ 80 lb. on seat. Mixed new / used valves. Surfaced and ready for unleaded or dry fuel. $400.00 exchange w/ non cracked cores.

1 Ford C-4 Transmission Rebuilt for track use with HD Kevler band, HD clutches and gears. Manual shift valve body. HD servo & converter w/ upgraded input shaft. Includes bell housing.  1966 Mustang application. Run a few times at Thunderhill then removed for freshen up - no issues found - but never was reinstalled before the car was sold.    $2600. OBO


2 OEM (Blue cover) Borg Warner service manuals for models CR-2 and V-drive (all Ratios) One of each. $50.00 per book

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