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Welcome to the Fowler Automotive web page. Started in 1972, this automotive service business has evolved in response to various customer needs. Presently divided into two main areas of endeavor, mechanical repair and automotive machining, a relatively small customer base enjoys broad-ranging support from this proprietorship.

In the mechanical repair shop general maintenance is performed on domestic and imported vehicles, special projects are completed, and fabrication takes place.


Ladd Fowler

In the machine shop, engine repair or overhaul is accomplished with a heavy emphasis on precision measurement and calculation. Air flow testing, sonic thickness testing, and computer performance modeling can be done "in house".

Some customers desire vehicle modification, restoration, or have special requirements. These jobs are brought to completion by combining resources. Automotive transport, and emission certification have been subcontracted to reliable technicians at other businesses. Remote site service or fabrication is also available, when needed, supported by a very well equipped walk-in service van.

Fowler Automotive is a mature business looking for a small number of new clients whose interests and needs are focused on long term objectives and quality.

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